PCAT Exam Series – Trial (Basic)

//PCAT Exam Series – Trial (Basic)

PCAT Exam Series – Trial (Basic)


Total 192 PCAT style questions on our LMS with answer keys and detailed explanations

    • 1 Full Length Test: 192 questions & 1 Essay topic [1 x (1 + 48 + 48 + 48 + 48)]
    • Answer keys and worked solutions
    • Delivered via LMS
    • Test is timed
    • Instant LMS access after purchase
    • Unlimited Review
    • Access Duration – 15 Days


No of questions: 192 questions

Perks: Free essay evaluation delivered online. It’s completely customized, so expect to see the most minor errors highlighted and addressed.

Access: Instant LMS access. Access details are e-mailed to you as soon as you make the purchase, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the material to arrive.

Support: Round the clock support from experts. Stuck on a concept? Can’t figure out a question? Registration issues? Just drop an email.

Attempts: Maximum 3 attempts but unlimited reviews so you can go back to a question and see how it should be solved.

Timing: All tests are in timed mode so you get enough time management practice.

Creators: Created and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and experienced PCAT tutors.

Structure: Redesigned to reflect 2016-17 test changes. Our material is constantly reviewed and updated, so that we can always adhere to PCAT style and standards.


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