PCAT Biological Processes Tests


5 PCAT Biological Processes Tests: 240 Questions through LMS (5 tests x 48 questions).
Worked Solutions
All tests delivered online
All tests are timed
Instant LMS access
Access duration: 3 months


No of questions: 240 questions at $35 USD. 48 questions across 5 papers. Questions on each topic (as outlined by Pearson’s syllabus).
Validity: 3 months. Plenty of time for PCAT prep.
Perks: Detailed score cards to guide you further in your studies, so you know how you slipped up, where you excelled and how you can do better.
Detailed explanations of each question and answer, so you know how to solve PCAT problems.
Access: Instant LMS access. Access details are mailed to you as soon as you make the purchase, so you don’t waste time waiting for the material to arrive.
Support: Round the clock support from experts. Stuck on a concept? Can’t figure out a question? Registration issues? Just drop an email.
Attempts: Multiple attempts, unlimited review so you can go back to a question and see how it should be solved.
Timing: All tests are in timed mode so you get enough time management practice.
Device: Mobile-enabled course to offer complete flexibility of practice, so log into the course from any device, anytime.
Creators: Created and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and PCAT crackers.
Structure: Redesigned to reflect 2014-15 test changes. Our material is constantly reviewed and updated, so that we can always adhere to PCAT style and standards.


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