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Score Reporting Changes 2016–17

  • First-time PCAT aspirants from July 2011-January 2015 are the new norm group for all percentile ranks reported on Official Transcripts and Official Score Reports, starting with the July 2016 PCAT administrations.

  • From July 2016, the new subtest titles, namely, Chemical Processes, Biological Processes, Quanttative Reasoning and Critical Reading will be used for reporting all multiple-choice questions. The Verbal Ability Section is no longer included in PCAT.

  • Test results recieved before Jul 2016 wil display current subtest titles.

  • Percentile ranks of all subtests have been converted to current percentile scores. Percentie ranks and Composite Scores have been recalculated so as to exclude the Verbal Ability subtest scores.

  • Verbal Ability Scores for tests taken prior to July 2016 will continue to be reported, but will not affect the Composite Score and Percentile rank.

Blueprint changes 2016-17

  • 40% of items in Biological Processes and Chemical Processes are in the form of passages focusing on a specific research study or experiment. Candidates will requite content knowledge and analytical skills for evaluation and interpretation.

  • 40% of items in Critical Reading (formerly Reading Comprehension) consist of passages with humanities and/or social science content, and require the student to interpret, analyze and evaluate the given data.

  • 50% of items in Quantitative Reasoning (formerly Quantitative Ability) involve a practical situation and pose a quantitative problem.

  • Questions based on basic matth and alegbra are greater in proportion in Quantitative Reasoning, and fewer number of questions based on precalculus and calculus.

  • Students will be provided with an online standard calculator and a periodic table for the Chemical Processes subtest, and an online standard calculator for the Biological Porcesses and Quantitative Reasoning subtests.

  • The Verbal Abilty subtest is no longer included in PCAT, and more time is allotted for the Biological Processes and Chemical Processes subtests.