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Our courses are interactive. Submit your query every time you get stuck on a question, or can not understand an explanation. It’s the online equivalent of raising your hand in class.

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The PCAT requires you to focus equally on all sections. And, coming from diverse backgrounds, you will be strong in some sections and not-so-strong in others. Our subtests will help you focus individually on each section before you tackle the complete paper.

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The PCAT Writing Section is considerably easy, but practice definitely helps. Our feedback is customised for each student, and all your errors are pointed out, with detailed suggestions for improvement. And yes, there’s no extra charge for evaluations in any package.

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Registration for the PCAT 2016-17 testing cycle begins on 1st March 2016 and closes on 14th December 2016. Registration dates depend on the month you wish to take the exam. For exact registration, late registration and cancellation deadlines, please visit

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