Free PCAT Sample Questions

///Free PCAT Sample Questions

Free PCAT Sample Questions

As you can never predict exactly what questions you will be given on the PCAT exam but a systematic and organised PCAT study is a must. Try your hand at some PCAT sample questions.

  1. Alektorophobia : Chickens :: Ailurophobia :

    A. Dogs
    B. Cats
    C. Rats
    D. Spiders


  1. Quixotic : Idealism :: Realistic :

    A. Certaintyen
    B. Pragmatism
    C. Representation
    D. Naturalism


  1. Diffusion is the random movement of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Which of the following is the best condition for diffusion to take place?

    A. Small surface area and high concentration gradient
    B. Large surface area and low concentration gradient
    C. Large surface area and high concentration gradient
    D. Small surface area and low concentration gradient


  1. In an ecosystem, there is a constant flow of energy. Which of the following represents the correct path of energy flow?

    A. Herbivores→Producers→Carnivores→Decomposers
    B. Herbivores → Carnivores → Producers → Decomposers
    C. Producers → Carnivores → Herbivores → Decomposers
    D. Producers → Herbivores → Carnivores → Decomposers


  1. In an ion the number of protons is inversely proportional to the radius. Consider the isoelectronic series: K+, S2-, Cl- and Ca2+. What is the order in which the radii of the ions decrease

    A. Ca2+> K+> Cl-> S2-
    B. Cl-> S2-> K+> Ca2+
    C. S2-> Cl-> K+> Ca2+
    D. K+> Ca2+> S2-> Cl-


  1. 5.6L of an unknown gas at STP requires 12.5 calories to raise its temperature by 10°C at constant volume. What is the atomicity of the gas? (Given: Cp – Cv = 2, Cp/Cv value for Monoatomic Gas – 1.6, Diatomic Gas – 1.4, Triatomic Gas – 1.3)

    A. Monoatomic
    B. Diatomic
    C. Triatomic
    D. Cannot be predicted


  1. What will be the IUPAC nomenclature of the following compound?

    A. 1, 2, 2-tribromo-6, 6-dichloro hexane
    B. 5, 5, 7-tribromo-1, 1-dichloro hexane
    C. 5, 5, 6-tribromo-1, 1-dichloro hexane
    D. 1, 1-dichloro-5, 5, 6-tribromo hexane


  1.  If f(x) =400 -x , then f (1/2) =?

    A. \frac{1}{{40}}
    B. \frac{1}{{20}}
    C. 20
    D. 40


  1. What is the equation of a line that passes through (5, -3) and has a slope of \left( { - \frac{1}{4}} \right)

    A. y = x - \frac{7}{4}
    B. y = - \frac{1}{4}x - \frac{7}{4}
    C. y = - \frac{1}{4}x + \frac{7}{4}
    D. y = - \frac{7}{4}x


  1. There is a cylinder whose height is 10 cm, and volume is 1000π cm 3 .What will be the volume of the cylinder, if the radius is doubled and its height is cut in half?

    A. 200 πcm3
    B. 2000 πcm3
    C. 2500 πcm3
    D. 250 πcm3

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