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I did alright and I think that the preparation I did before definitely helped, especially in the essay and science sections, where I scored better. I found the humanities section to be exceptionally tough this year, particularly in the areas of vocabulary and cartoon interpretation.

Joanne Ang, GAMSAT Student

I bought the UMAT Full Length Exam Series. The explanations given for every question were really helpful to understand the original pattern ACER follows. Thanks a lot.

Rosalin, UMAT Student

Thanks prepgenie for such a product with loads of questions. You guys are doing great! Good work. Keep it up.

Wang Hao, GAMSAT Student

The science tests you provided were excellent and really helped me get the 75. I also purchased the essay help, but it was fairly last minute, so I didn’t get as much use from them. but I managed to get valuable hints and advice from the essays I did submit and have marked. I should be able to get an interview. Now I just need to make sure I can impress.

Danielle Taylor, GAMSAT Student

It is easy to use website, and a good system in terms of the quizzes. I like how there is no time-limit pressure in this course. However, you may also want to introduce a time-limited feature in some of the quizzes. This is because it is useful to have practice in completing some questions under the pressure of a time limit.

Jason Leung, UMAT Student

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