Interactive Learning System

We do not believe in inundating our students with a deluge of information. For us, students are the active participants of the learning process and not passive recipients of the information that we provide.

Self-assessment & Constant Improvement

With our PCAT mock test papers & essay prompts, you can constantly assess the improvements that you make over time. You clearly know where you stand. You would get a fair overview of the topics that require extra effort.

Quality Study Materials

Comprehensive explanations and practice questions on every topic under the sun. Repertoire of full length tests and essay prompts will  give you more practice than you can actually manage. Over 1500 questions devised by experts ensure you stay on top of the entire preparation process.

PCAT Courses that Really Work

More than 1500 PCAT test prep questions with answers and detailed explanations. Get the most similar PCAT questions in PrepGenie’s question bank.

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Why Choose PrepGenie?

Cutting Edge LMS

Once you register with us, you get instant access to the practice platform, LMS( (Learning Management System). Our cutting edge learning platform simulates the real testing conditions for you.

24×7 Support to Students

We answer your subject related and other queries faster than any of the others, whether you reach us by email or by chat. 

Experts on Board

Our content is not copied from others. Our subject matter experts have created mock tests that reflect the actual difficulty level and structure of the real PCAT.

Realistic Scores

The scores here will closely predict your actual score on the test. Our practice full length exams recreated to resemble the real PCAT exams help you know where you stand.




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