PCAT Test Dates

July 21st and 22nd, 2016

September 7th to 9th, 2016

October 24th to 31st, 2016

November 1st to 4th, 2016

January 4th and 5th, 2016

PCAT Registration Deadlines

Registration for the PCAT 2016-17 testing cycle begins on 1st March 2016 and closes on 14th December 2016. Registration dates depend on the month you wish to take the exam. For exact registration, late registration and cancellation deadlines, please visit http://prepgenie.com/pcat/pcat-registration-dates/

PCAT Results

You will be given a tentative score report immediately after the test. The Official Score report will be released 5 weeks from the day you take the test, and will be available on the Pearson website. Score transcripts will be posted to your chosen universities. 

Our Courses

PCAT-style questions for all the practice you need

All-inclusive Prep Packs

Our PCAT Comprehensive Course includes 3 complete mock exams, and 5 sectional tests from the 4 subtests. This is all the preparation you need to get well-acquainted with the PCAT. And the Full Length Test Series is a great way to practice questions and learning time management.

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Sectional Exams

The PCAT requires you to focus equally on all sections. And, coming from diverse backgrounds, you will be strong in some sections and not-so-strong in others. Our Subtest packs will help you focus individually on each section before you tackle the complete paper.

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The PCAT Writing Section is considerably easy, but practice definitely helps. Our feedback is customised for each student, and all your errors are pointed out, with detailed suggestions for improvement. And yes, there’s no extra charge for evaluations in any package.

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Why Choose PrepGenie?

Online Access

Our material is all online in our Learning Management System (LMS), so your preparation doesn’t stop even when you are away from your books. And our LMS is modelled on Pearson’s testing platform, so you get no surprises in the actual test.

24*7 Support to Students

We answer your subject related and other queries faster than anyone else, whether you reach us by email or by chat. From registration, concepts to study tips, we have an answer for all your questions. And you don’t have to be a student of our course to get your questions answered.

Experts on Board

Our subject matter experts have created mock tests that reflect the actual difficulty level, structure and the pattern of the real PCAT. Yes, it’s true. We do actually take the test every year to ensure continuing high standards.

Realistic Scores

The scores here will closely predict your actual score on the test. Our practice full length exams recreated to resemble the real PCAT exams help you know where you stand.

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